Guide on How to Change Oil


Changing the Oil on Your Own:

The main concern of any car owner is how to change the oil and how much does the oil change cost. Obviously it is the cheapest to do it by yourself, however unless you are a very experienced gearhead it might be a bit problematic. All in all it will be around $20, but make sure you know what you are doing, as you will need things like latex gloves, funnels, drains, wrenches and so on. For one thing you will be going under the car and probably spend another twenty minutes trying to pry of the oil filter. Even if you were successful with everything you have to dispose of the used oil and you cannot just chuck it into the sewer system. It needs to be taken to the nearest service station, where they accept old oil.

Other Ways of Changing Oil:

Most people choose the nearby garage, where the local mechanic can take care of you issues. If you are a regular, he will remember you and won't rip you off and will provide superb services including the oil change, which will cost you around $35 to $40. Another alternative is your car dealership, where you will be paying the most. They do make the finest maintenance for the price of $50 or so, however all of the repairs and changes are recorded, so whenever you have a claim of warranty, it will come in handy. The last method would be getting your oil changed with the specialized chain store like Midas or Aamco. They do a good work, charge approximately $25-$30 and have a bad habit of upselling.

How Often One Must Change Oil:

It heavily depends on the oil you use. If you have conventional oil than to be on the safe side oil must be changed every six months or 3000 miles, even though it might say that it should be changed every year or 8000 miles. With the synthetic oil you should not concern yourself, since this kind of oil is used in cars that have an automatic reminder of when to change the oil.

Oil Change Deals:

You will be able to find countless coupons online not only for just oil change but for transmissions and tires. Currently Firestone, Midas, Jiffi Blue, Pennzoil and many more chain stores have deals. You can find printable coupons of $5 to $10 off or the percentage deduction with those stores. Make sure to take advantage of them as soon as possible as they normally expire quite quickly.


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